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Our Approach

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Our Investment Focus and Philosophy

  1. ​Personally invest for majority positions in North American businesses (and often acquire the underlying real estate) with EBITDA of $2 - 5 million and total enterprise values of $10 - 50 million.

  2. Actively acquire smaller add-ons for existing platforms funded through operating cash flow, incremental borrowing or additional RRC equity capital as needed.

  3. Purposely limiting the number of platform investments to ensure RRC time and capital available to build businesses in partnership with a small group of management teams.

  4. Create value via governance instilling an accountability based culture of collaborative continuous improvement.

  5. Utilize low and prudent levels of leverage, and capitalize on RRC’s strong existing lending relationships.

  6. Invest in quality businesses, with strong, stable free-cash-flow characteristics and scalable sustainable competitive positions in three platform sectors of focus.

  7. Long term holders, keen to re-invest in the business, and with no external pressures to exit.

Industry Focus



  • Agri-products / Horticulture

  • Food & Beverage

  • Household Products



  • Specialized Trucking

  • Intermodal Storage

  • Logistics Service Providers



  • Industrial Equipment Dealerships and Distribution

  • Heavy Machinery & Equipment Repair and Maintenance

  • Advanced Manufacturing

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